Dazzy Coolin – Black Roses 2 | @dazzycoolin

Symbolism in pop culture is undeniable.

Certain images portray different meanings that either compliment a song’s lyrics, or goes beyond the depths of what the music artist is really trying to say. Black roses, for example, symbolize the death of a relationship, circumstance, or idea. In other literary pieces, black roses also symbolize a rebirth – the passing of an old life for a new one.

All these themes, and more, are represented in each of the records on Dazzy Coolin’s new album Black Roses 2. On the followup to his highly celebrated Black Roses, the Bridgeton, NJ representative continues to show and prove. Turning away from the street life that consumed his brothers, Dazzy decided that music would be his way out. His dedication to his craft is unmatched – especially for his age.

Black Roses 2 showcases Dazzy’s effortless ability of honing a mainstream sound without losing his street edge.


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Stewe – “Last Forever” (Official Video) | @itsmestewe

Just in time for Halloween, BMB Records artist Stewe drops a haunting new video “Last Forever” from his new EP Love Me, Love Me Not.

Shot and directed by the incomparable Marty Mcfly of Fly Visuals, the “Last Forever” music video stars the talented artist and the beautiful Alex Clark. The visual’s dark concept will have viewers biting their nails, trying to predict the outcome. “Last Forever” is the first single from Stewe’s Love Me, Love Me Not EP. Its message taps into today’s obsession culture and unhealthy relationships and is a chilling cautionary tale.

No stranger to tacking racy subjects and posing racy questions, Stewe is now turning the mic on himself to talk about love and where his generation is missing the mark.

“Last Forever” is one of 6 tracks on Love Me, Love Me Not, the promising 6-song EP produced by beat maker Dre Butterz, features Kevo Hendricks and Kid HBK.

Stewe is a Detroit native who has made his mark as a sought-after event host, actor, on-air radio personality on the city’s Radio One station, HOT 107.5. He’s always had ambitions to pursue a music career, earlier this year he had the opportunity to tour with Tee Grizzley and Jeezy’s on the Cold Summer Tour.

Love Me, Love Me Not is now available for purchase on all digital platforms. Click here to listen now, and keep up with Stewe on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Dre Butterz: The Thin Line Between Crazy & Genius | @drebutterz313

Music Producer/Artist Discusses Mental Illness and Misunderstood Creativity of Kanye West
As written by Treavion Davenport

We all do it. We are quick to call someone ‘crazy’ and dismiss or humorously explain unorthodox behavior like Kanye West’s as being a symptom of mental illness. West has commonly referred to his mental condition as a superpower vs a disability. The truth is, mental illness is a real thing, and yes, Black people suffer from bipolarism, depression, anxiety, and paranoia too!

Clearly, it’s a cultural thing with us. We have overcome so much as a people, from the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the oppression and debilitating impact of slavery itself, to Civil Rights and the George Bush era, that we are raised to believe that we can handle anything. Make no mistake about it, we are a strong, resilient, resourceful, highly evolving bunch of unicorns, but let’s face it, we are members of the HUMAN RACE, where all are created equal. To that effect, we all are susceptible to the rigors and effects of mental illnesses, and the woes of this world taking a toll on even the best of us.

Fortunately for creatives, like visual artists, writers, designers, and musicians; their respective art forms provide an outlet for their emotions, and is even therapeutic. BMB Entertainment music producer Dre Butterz, candidly discusses how making music was his saving grace before, during, and after he elected to check himself into a treatment facility last year for what he learned was anxiety and exhaustion.

“One day while at the hospital, I was just standing outside smoking a cigarette and like always the music made its way to my consciousness. I heard a beat, and it hit me that I didn’t have anything to play, no instruments, or keys to touch and for a minute I was shook…but then I just began to snap my fingers and the music just flowed through my hands. Suddenly others around me started chiming in, making beats with their voices, and on the wall, it might sound crazy, but it was one of the most powerful jam sessions I’ve ever had.”

Dre Butterz’ program lasted for 10 days, during that time he received help identifying where some of his issues stemmed from, was administered mild medication to aid in balancing his anxiety, caught up on some much-needed rest, and introduced to tools to manage symptoms should they arise again. Most of all, by snubbing the stereotypes, and potential ridicule regarding African Americans, and especially black males seeking mental wellness; Butterz was able to find his footing and regain the control over his emotions that he felt he was losing.

Upon his completion and return to the place he calls home, i.e. the lab, the music, melodies, songs and ultimate magic he created resulted in the soon to be released masterpiece aptly entitled Wish You Well. The solo EP that features Dre Butterz as the artist, vs the beatmaker behind the board, and ad lib vocalist.

According to Butterz “Wish You Well is the most real, I’ve allowed myself to be in a very long time. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and thankful that I allowed myself to submit to something different, the outcome is me being my best self, and one of my best bodies of work.”

The Detroit musician is extremely vocal about his appreciation for BMB CEO Brian Brown for his support through all of his adversities; never turning his back on him or kicking him off the label like so many majors would have. He acknowledges his cousin Ladawn Ford, dear friend Rashard James and manager Cedric Louie for the never-ending support and encouragement. He boasts that his children are a constant source of inspiration, and applauds none more than his beloved mother for reinforcing her non-judging love and instilling a strong faith in God.

Butterz when asked about the parallel with his personal mental condition, and Kanye’s own admission of being diagnosed with mental illness; he demonstrates deep empathy, and is humbled by any comparison to the talented and fearless West. The BMB producer/artist suggests that Yeezy may not be as ‘off’ as most think. “I’ve always looked up to Kanye, what others might see as craziness, to me is another level of thinking. People are quick to question the mental stability of everything and everyone they don’t understand”.

Kanye himself revealed that when he was diagnosed with a “mental condition” at the age of 39, he considered it a “superpower” that helps fuel his creativity.

Beat master Butterz continues, “Kanye’s is eccentric, not insane. He’s not afraid to create and is committed to his true authenticity; I can’t help but appreciate that. Who knows? He might be the best marketing genius of our time, one thing is for sure, if he dropped a project tomorrow it would go platinum”.

More than ever mental health, self-care, and wellness as a whole are subjects more that are popular, hot-button topics in urban culture. This is a good thing. Conversations and awareness about taboo or touchy subjects are the only way to get it all on the table and a progression toward healing. On some level, we are fortunate to have special individuals like Kanye West, and now Dre Butterz to stimulate and further this dialog.

Let’s just hope that Dre Butterz Wish You Well will enjoy the success it warrants without a visit to the White House. His current project, a cleverly curated 6-track EP Drop That Flame, featuring Neisha Neshae, Kevo Hendricks, HBK, Sino, Bryan Hamilton, Ashley Rose, and Sam Austin has received strong, favorable reviews and be found on Spotify, YouTube and online platforms everywhere.


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Staxkz Official – “Sertified” | @staxkofficial

Staxkz Official was born and raised in Queens, NY and moved to Elmont, NY at an early age. At the age of 14 was when he began writing and experiencing different elements of music. His first passion was becoming a movie director as he finished high school, but the calling to do music overpowered everything else.

After releasing his first single “Sertified” he began to receive an extreme amount of buzz throughout the community, various blogs, and fellow NY artists such as 2 Milly and Swift On Demand took notice. His mixtapes, Official Way: 1 & 2, demonstrates Staxkz Offical’s wide variety of flows and styles as he adds his own touch to many relevant records heard across the music scene.

With the urge to drop original work Staxkz dropped “It’s A Dirty Game” expressing how life with its highs and lows is a dirty game. Staxkz Official is constantly in the studio working hard, who knows what hell drop next, but be best assured that it will be heat.

His EP is slated for release this winter but here is a teaser of what you can expect to come.


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Kult Hiro feat. Megadon – “Rhyme Telepathy” | @donaldrcole

Kult Hiro and Canadian rapper Megadon gives to us visuals directed by Jim Swaffield of A Tribe Called Quest fame, paying an 8 & 16-bit tribute to 1992 CD-ROM technology.

Teaming up as a contemporary DJ / emcee duo, they champion the sound of real rap reminiscent of the mid-1990s sample-based production, scratching, and imaginative lyricism.

As Megadon is a rapper and videographer, Kult Hiro is anonymous and is known to have been involved in Hip Hop culture since 1997.

Get the single now on the Kraftjerkz Bandcamp site.


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Chicken Wing – “Little Hand Man” | @thechickenwingshow

Born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, West Victor Gordon, professionally known as Chicken Wing, is becoming a movement in comedy to be reckoned with. This natural born comedian/ motivational speaker has made his rounds throughout the chitlin’ circuit and now he is ready for the big time.

Chicken Wing caught his a big break by doing his first stand up gig at the Boston Comedy Club in the Village of NYC. “The comedian, TALENT, gave me this opportunity and I am thankful. I did an excellent job”, recalls Chicken Wing.

As word got around that Chicken Wing was going to be the next best thing in comedy, he then started to become the opening act for the likes of TALENT, Mike Epps, Tracey Morgan and Dave Chappelle. It comes as no surprise that he was once given the “New Comic Award” during an annual Black Comedy Awards.

As Chicken Wing’s career started to take off, he had some major decisions to make. “I was torn between the streets and the pursuit of my dreams. Eventually, I had to take a seat and I sat behind bars for ten years as a result of my decisions”. Upon his release from being incarcerated, Chicken Wing reunited with Mike Epps who immediately booked him as an opening act at Madison Square Garden and other large arenas. “I had plenty of time to work on new material, so I blew them away with laughter”, states Chicken Wing. “However, I had responsibilities. So between taking care of my family and holding down a job, the pursuit of my dreams was slightly slowed down, but not forgotten”.

To date, Chicken Wing works for the City of New York. In doing so, he has used his talent coupled with the experience of being incarcerated, in order to teach students that you can turn your life around. Chicken Wing has delivered funny, yet inspirational speeches to students locally at Grace Dodge High School, Lincoln High School, Boys & Girls H.S.,Westinghouse H.S., and more.

On his own name, Chicken Wings performs annually at Caroline’s Comedy Club in Times Square in New York City and he has taken to social media to showcase his talents as the funny one as well.

In addition to his comedy, Chicken Wing has become an advocate for the handicapped. “I made a music video called The “Return of Lil Hand Man”, states Chicken Wing. “This video captures my day to day living and the experiences I’ve had over the years. This video is motivation to other disabled youth and adults that nothing should stop you from living your life.” 

Believing that you should live your life to the full until it over flows, it comes as no surprise that Chicken Wing was once a contestant in 2015 on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” alongside host, Cedric The Entertainer. “I ain’t gone lie. I brought home that bag”.

In addition to promoting his music video, Chicken Wing is also the co-host of the hit podcast, “2 Queens from Queens” starring Carmen Bryant (the mother to Nas’s first child) and Shaniqua Thompkins (the mother to 50 Cent’s oldest son). “I bring the comedy to their show”, states Chicken Wing. This show is a weekly hour and a half podcast that focuses on current events, industry news, community topics, Q&A sessions, and interviews with special guests.

When asked where he sees himself five years from now, Chicken Wing states, “I see myself among my other peers of prominence. I had a setback, but I am definitely coming back. I see myself doing more stand up comedy and appearing in major block buster movies. I also see myself establishing and running my very own foundation, “Just Wing It” where I focus on uplifting and motivating the handicapped and the disabled”.

To keep up with Chicken Wing, he can be found on ALL social media platforms at: The Chicken Wing Show.

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Squeegie-O – “The Purge” | @itsobitch

After a 2 year hiatus, Staten Island artist Squeegie O returns with some fresh new music as he gives you nothing but outstanding wordplay and excellent delivery.

On the new single “The Purge”, Squeegie-O makes it clear hip hop is his and he’s coming to take out anyone opposing him. With the grimey sounds provided by producer Khrimz, This record is sure enough certified boom bap to make your head rock. Squeegie’s upcoming release The Dao Lockman EP, which isn’t your modern day hip hop and it takes a different spin from his 2016 album, Born Loser. Not for the weak and faint at heart, this EP is straight chalked full of foul language punchlines that might be deemed offensive, and boom bap beats that sound like they came fresh out of 1999.

If you are looking for the mainstream pop orientated music that they call Hip Hop, then this isn’t for you. But if you are looking for that style of raw uncut music, it’s quite possible you have stumbled onto a gem.

The Dao Lockman EP drops in November, but you can pre-order the EP on all digital music platforms.


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POBA – “G.O.A.T. Herder” | @iampoba

Shawn Théagene (aka POBA) is known as the Godfather and Pioneer of Brooklyn Bruk Up Dance Style and Culture Founding member of The Bed Stuy Veterans.

POBA’s earliest inspirations were dancehall and hip hop artists like Bounty Killa, Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes. In 1994, at age 12, he received video tapes of dancehall bashment parties straight from Jamaica, featuring legendary dancers like Bogle, Tamara, and Uneek. One tape, the House of Leo Dances with George Adams, aka “Bruk Up”, shut the whole stage down and changed his life forever.

POBA trained exhaustively until he mastered the basic techniques. As he matured in the art, he discovered that the bridge between hip hop and dancehall and developed his signature style. His first music video experience was being featured in Wayne Wonder’s “Bounce Along.”

He created the dance crew, the Bed Stuy Veterans (“BSV”) with his rival and best friend Christopher “Mr. Blacky” Davis. The singer Omarion joined them early on and they became a crew of 14 dancers, all exploring self-expression and dance animation through unique characters and visual storytelling. The BSV have been featured in music videos, publications like The New Yorker, Vice, The New York Times and are the subject of the documentary, The Lords of Bed Stuy, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014.

POBA has taught students to master the fundamentals of Bruk Up and then their trademark style. His dream was to inspire an international dance network with members connected through the foundation of the dance. Today, Bruk Up exists in countries all over the world including Russia, Australia, Germany, Paris and Canada.

“Community, individual character development, exploring the music that inspired famous scrolls and our legendary BSV dance sessions is what makes the lifestyle so fun,” Says POBA. “Everything is new each time we meet, new students to the OGz.”

POBA releases his new single, “G.O.A.T. Herder” out now on Soundcloud.


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Stewe – “Last Forever” | @itsmestewe

Stewe is a Detroit native who has made his mark as a sought-after event host, actor, on-air radio personality on the city’s Radio One station; HOT 107.5. He’s always had ambitions to pursue a music career, and earlier this year he had the opportunity to tour with Tee Grizzley and Jeezy’s on the Cold Summer Tour.

“Last Forever” the first single from BMB Records artist Stewe’s new EP Love Me, Love Me Not, which taps into the possessiveness and obsession of today’s relationship culture.

“I’ve been working on this project for about a year and I’m so proud of this body of work. This music is the most ‘me’ I’ve ever created. It really gets personal and is inspired by real stories, feelings, emotions from my relationships and love interests,” expressed Stewe.

The promising 6-song EP produced by BMB beatmaker Dre Butterz, featuring Kevo Hendricks and Kid HBK is track after track of melodic heat and ballad-esque bangers.

The charismatic Stewe makes it clear, “Love Me, Love Me Not comes with a WARNING: The content you will hear is some real ass shit that many of you may not be willing to accept,” he says. “Does anyone else feel the love lost in our generation? I mean it’s a 60% divorce rate right now. Everybody fucking everybody. Side bitches/niggas are an actual THING. It’s like people are actually running from love.”

The upcoming visual for the track, shot and directed by Marty Mcfly, will most certainly give Stewe supporters and new fans something to think about.

Love Me, Love Me Not is now available for purchase on all digital platforms.


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