Joey B – “Blacklist” | @JoeyBHipHop

Joey B hits us with the official video for “Blacklist” off his forthcoming project, Closure.

“Blacklist,” produced by Mikey Bingo, is the intro track on the project and for TV criminal mastermind, Raymond Reddington of NBC’s hit crime thriller series, The Blacklist.

Closure is currently available on iTunes via pre-sale and will be available world wide June 2nd.

Video filmed, edited and directed by Myster DL of Ill Mannered Films.


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NXS (North Side Story) – “2 For 11” | @northsidestoryofficial @dvaliaskhryst

When you think of Jamaica, Queens two things always come to mind, kingpins and superstars. While the south side of Jamaica, Queens is mostly known for drug czars, the north side has the richest history of rap royalty that Hip Hop has to offer. From Run DMC to LL Cool J to A Tribe Called Quest the back blocks of Hollis, Farmers, and Linden have given birth to nothing but Hip Hop superstars.

Enter NXS (North Side Story), hailing from the infamous ”Rock” a landmark on the legendary Farmers Blvd, this group seamlessly bridges the gap from old to new like never before. The trio consisting of two brothers Good Money and Jus Glo who are the sons of a GRAMMY award winning mix engineer, and their lifetime friend Relly Band$, this group is on the fast track to stardom with their debut project Should’ve Went Platinum.

When asked about his early beginnings in music, Good Money or “Goodie” for short, laughs and says , “I dunno man… My pops always talking bout how I was conceived in a recording studio. All I know is I’ve been rapping since like 5 yrs old. I put my first mixtape out called “Young Boss Music” at 12. Me and Jus was doing shows and all that stuff back then!!! He was my little hype man feel me, years later he started rapping then my bro Band$ started showing up to the studio and that was it. North Side Story was born!”

Their debut project Should’ve Went Platinum is the perfect blend of beats, bars, and swag, as these three effortlessly weave in and out trading ideas and points of view like true vets. While Jus Glo the 15-year-old baritone of the group has “his choppa doin’ handstands” Relly Bandz, the quiet assassin, brags about his $900 pair of “bloody bottoms”. Meanwhile Good Money paints a vivid picture spitting bars like “Niggas cant see me can’t breathe either and when I come around niggas breathe ether”.

Coming from a strong musical stock and a neighborhood rich in history, North Side Story has big shoes to fill indeed, but judging from Should’ve Went Platinum, this Queens bred trio is off to the right track.

Should’ve Went Platinum is available for download on now!


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Danny Boy Smooth – “Broken Letter” | @DannyBoySmooth

The rapper Daniel Sarpong Boateng, goes by the stage name “Danny Boy Smooth”. His family’s origins stem from Ghana, West Africa but he was born in London, England. He is 24 years of age and was born February 23rd, 1993. He resides in the known home where Hip Hop started”, the Boogie Down” Bronx in New York City, and has been living in there for 21 years now and it has been his home since March of 1996, from the age of 3. Smooth’s reason for moving here with his parents was to reunite with his father’s side of the family being that this is where they had migrated to and also where he had grew up. Despite his relocation at a young age, it never phased his love for music.

Danny Boy Smooth started getting into music even before moving to the states. One of his early memories from his childhood growing up in London was really being fascinated with Michael Jackson. When any of MJ’s songs came on or whenever he had his live concerts on television Smooth would dance and sing to them. This along with other intricate times in his live propelled his love for music.

Danny Boy Smooth had many influences for music growing up. When coming to the states as young child, he brought along a toy piano as well as for guitar. Anytime someone would try to take it from him he would cry until he received it back. His mother was also a singer at church and he also grew up in the church, so you can say it’s always been apart of him having a strong foundation morally as well as musically. All of these influences would only lead him to start creating music of his because of his calling and upbringing he felt he was destined to.
Smooth started experimenting with music and found his passion when he he got into Rap/Hiphop. At the age of 9 was the first time he started recording in the studio with one of his influences, his older cousin Jeffrey. Jeffrey believed in Smooth and wanted the best for him but was afraid he would become another statistic or negative stereotype. He knew it was hard where they presently were living at because when growing up in the Bronx it was either you rapped, played basketball or sold drugs. Growing up in such a dangerous and oppressive community Smooth became a product of his environment and tried all three.

Danny Boy Smooth started playing basketball around the same time he started rapping, he aspired to one day potentially play in the NBA. If it wasn’t for playing organized basketball, he wouldn’t have the discipline nor confidence he has instilled in himself today. Even though he had hoop dreams for the NBA, his calling for music always found it’s way to convict him. He had a decision to make of either be a basketball player or devoted artist to music.

His senior year of high school was coming to an end and so was his hoop dreams. He wasn’t getting the college looks that he wanted and wasn’t getting any basketball scholarships. He was always a student first, athlete second and decided that he would further his education attending St. John’s University and focus on his studies. As his hoop dreams began to dim his love and passion for hip hop remained but grew stronger. He made a decision to break up with basketball.

It was first semester of his sophomore year where he decided that he actually wanted to pursue music as a career. He got introduced in the entertainment/music industry when he started interning for Redd Planet Entertainment as a Productions Assistant. His role was to help score and produce tracks that would play as background behind a web series and also communicate with the actors, hold boom mic to record actors, etc. It was there he met an artist by the name of “Mic Handz” in which he also became his assistant and helped him out with his Indie Label. He got a better sense of the music industry which only fueled him to pursue his dream of music. Moving forward Smooth was able graduate from St. John’s University in 2015, despite all the odds that was against him. His emotions and life story is depicted through his music given him a unique sound. He’s been compared to a J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar type of sound or style of music.

But if you would ask him who he sounded like he would rather say he sounds like himself. He has a tremendous amount of flows and can rhyme on just about every and any record. His sound has a very smooth texture to it and paints pictures through the art of storytelling and conscious rap. He is diversified rapper and is known for his integration of punchlines as well as flowing with melodies. His target audience ranges from High School to College students, but hopes to reach the older generation because he wants his music to be transcendent. What differentiates Danny Boy Smooth from other upcoming artist is that he was blessed to experience to facets of life. Not only is he rapper with a college degree, but he made something of himself coming from a rough background. One could insinuate he seen and almost done it all. This gives him more leverage and an edge to relate to more people compared to those rap artist who just lived on one side of life. The genre of music he performs in is mostly Hip Hop/Rap and he would love to expand into R&B, POP and West African HipLife. Danny Boy Smooth writes his own lyrics. Some venues where he has performed are the Paladium in Queens, Club Pyramid in Downtown Soho, and at the Paper Box In Brooklyn, NY.

When breaking into the industry, Danny Boy Smooth wants to create nothing quality music, selling albums, sold out shows and contributing to the very world he lives in musically. He wants to be known as the Greatest Rapper/Artist of his generation. What he hopes to get out of music are success through positive, consistent work, and a better life for himself, family and friends. He never wants to limit himself so he makes sure he experiments with all sorts of music. He listens to everything, from reggae to pop, r&b, hip hop, blues, jazz, alternative rock, etc.. the list goes on. He promotes himself basically everyday on social media and is currently working on his debut EP, Boy Wonder.

Here, he shows his talents on visuals to his single, “Broken Letter”.


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Fantom & G Snyder’s “First Time Ever” In The Urban Network Digital Video Contest – PLEASE VOTE! | @FantomoftheBeat @THEREALGSNYDER

The highly-anticipated, “Golden-Era” Hip-Hop single, “First Time Ever” ft. G Snyder and AB Money, produced by Grammy-Nominated Producer “Fantom”, dropped on March 21, 2017!!! Fantom, a.k.a. Haas G of the UMCs, is the CEO of the esteemed Production unit, Fantom of the Beat. “Magic Stick” ft. Lil’ Kim and 50 Cent achieved RIAA Certified Platinum Status, “Take It Off”, off of the “E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front” album by Busta Rhymes went Platinum, while Ghostface Killa’s, “Apollo Kids” went Gold. To add to Fantom’s impressive accolades, coveted record industry staple, “Urban Network Digital” (UND) has chosen the video, “First Time Ever” to compete in their esteemed video contest at:

“The Business of Music Conference”
June 8th to June 10th, 2017
at The Hilton Hotel
Woodland Hills/Los Angeles, California

We are proud to announce that the team at UND has made its final selection for the competition, and they made the cut! Dope, right? ABSOLUTELY! But they STILL need you to vote for them in this interactive effort!

Now, what’s next?

The video with the most views/clicks will win, so as mentioned, they need your help! Please click on the UND Video Contestant Page (see above link), then click the ARROW ICON in the top right corner of the player to “Share and Vote”. Tell all of your Hip-Hop friends and fans that the most video views will win in three (3) different categories.
You have ten (10) days to drive traffic to the contest’s voting page, starting NOW!!!

The winners will be announced at the UND Conference!!!

Winners will be featured on the Conference’s Video Compilation Reel to run on various large flat screens in the common areas of the hotel throughout the duration of the event. Winners will be announced via Social Media during the Music/Entertainment Conference, hosted by Urban Network Digital & Music Industry Quarterly. To make it even sweeter, post Conference coverage and the embedded video clip will be placed on the Urban Network Digital & Music Industry Quarterly site. Nice, right?

So Hip-Hop Lovers, please take the time to vote! Let’s make this happen!

@FantomoftheBeat | @THEREALGSNYDER

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Boogie – “B.D.P” | @boogiemania @nottzraw @dvaliaskhryst

Boogie was raised in the hood with all of its positive and negative aspects, which have created a unique and completely talented narrator who skillfully and yet so easily depicts the intricacies and tribulations that every young man faces.

His lyrics go deep into the valleys of loss and love, which challenges the listener to the words and not just the beat.

It’s a lifetime of gathering experience and not just a one-off event that have tailored him to be the storyteller with endless stories to tell.

Boogie finally releases the visuals to the Nottz-produced “B.D.P.” (Break Down Paper) single off of the Ants & Elephants album. Directed by DeddyMoBuck$.

@boogiemania | @nottzraw

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S.Pro – “Phony” | @IamSPRO

South Carolina’s very own, S.PRO is back with another anthem that only the realest can relate to. With the his signature homegrown sound that he is known for, he brings to light the one thing that maybe worst than an actual hater….A PHONY!

The wordplay and borderline arrogant delivery sketches vivid imagery as you listen, like he always seems to bring to the table. Images of betrayal, envy, and the process of S.PRO realizing the fact: That the ones who are closest to you maybe the ones you need to watch the most, because, those can be the ones who witness your success from the inside out, and potentially making them the most jealous of all! Potentially, making them the most dangerous of them all if you don’t watch your own back. Let this one motivate you past the fake phonies you know of and keep you on your toes, as well as your grind…

Clearly influenced by his southern roots and unique struggles, never one to be motivatedby notoriety or fame, S.Pro (short for Serius Productions) took his time and patience to become the artist he is today.

Working behind the scenes for a solid decade, S.Pro, is the TRUE definition of a grass roots artist. With no formal training in music, his only true teacher was trial and error with a determination to be a better artist: To produce the music he heard around him and truly represent for what he cares about….His FAMILY and RESPECT for where he is from. That being his fuel, he has started to transfer from the shadows and expose his talent to the masses, having interview features with such noted publishers This Is 50, Hip Hop Headquarters, SOM and Skilly magazines) along with clothing sponsor, (Rudeboy Clothing) many have clearly taken notice of his style of music and style of charisma.

His music is inspired by everything around him and everything he has been through, coupled with a knowledge of music history throughout every genre from classical, to rock and roll, to R&B – S.Pro has become the versatile artist he has always wanted to be.


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BigBob feat Tony Gore, St. Laz, Daddie Notch, Skanks & Mic Handz – “Samurai Killa” | @BigBobPattison @tonygore20 @saintlaz_bk @DaddieNotch @therapmartyr @therealMICHANDZ

Five warriors enter the Shaolin Temple to kneel at the altar of lyrical style and flow….

North of the Border’s BigBob releases a powerful beat that serves as the dojo on this Wu-Tang inspired track, where Tony Gore, St. Laz, Bankai Fam’s Daddie Notch & Skanks the Rap Martyr and last, but not least, Brooklyn’s councliman of Hip Hop, Mic Handz, join forces against those who would challenge them for the ultimate title of “Samurai Killa.”

BigBob Pattison has worked with some of hip hop’s most respected artists such as Krs ONE, Cutty Ranks, Fame (MOP), Ruste Juxx, Jaz O, Blaq Poet, Tragedy Khadafi, AG (DITC), Planet Asia, St. Laz, Mic Handz and more. You can check out a majority of his work on audiomack.

@BigBobPattison | @tonygore20 | @saintlaz_bk | @DaddieNotch | @therapmartyr | @therealMICHANDZ

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Brooke Lynne – “Diego” (Remix) | @MissBrooke2U

Singer, songwriter and rapper Brooke Lynne is a rising talent with an assuredness that exceeds her years. The multi-talented YNVS artist released an LP, Brooke Lynne Bound, and as of recently, her new single “Drowning”. Her buoyant confidence bursts through each track. The breadth of her life experience is reflected in her lyrics, and her unique delivery and wordplay are just the icing on the cake. Brooke Lynne is on her way to the top with an unstoppable force backing her.

Brooke Lynne releases the visuals to her rendition of the Tory Lanez cover, “Diego”. You can stream the single out now on Soundcloud.


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Fa$t Life – “No Days Off” | @FastLifeATLANYC @DinoTheChef

After taking a small hiatus, Fa$t Life is back with a new single, the Chef Dino-produced “No Days Off”, which explains why he hasn’t released any new singles in the past few weeks.

Fa$t Life is in full beast mode taking no days off to fully remind his fans that he is the true legend behind the 90s Babies real trend. If you’re a 90’s Baby, keep up with the fast lane that this Atlanta emcee is pushing for the culture. You will never be disappointed.

Fast Life Forever.

@FastLifeATLANYC | @DinoTheChef 

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King B – “Bust Down” | @kingb_314


St Louis teen rapper, King B returns with his new video “Bust Down,” premiering via Revolt TV.

It’s been years since the days of “Country Grammar” and St. Louis were on our radar. However, a revival of sorts is on the rising with the Hip-Hop newcomer, who’s flossy, rhythmic style pics up right where the likes of Nelly left off. The sound of young St. Louis native is King B, and with his recently dropped project, I Am King B 2, which has received great review, the sky is the limit.


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