Young Night – “2018” | @YoungNightNYC

Young Night is a diverse and talented New York rapper/songwriter who took up after his mother,  a songwriter and singer that worked with a lot of artists such as SWV and also sung background vocals for Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias and more.

Young Night is a independent artist with his own label call Nightsvision Records. Moving militant and always in silence, he keeps focusing on his music and pursuing his dreams.

Check out his single “2018” from his  Nightsvision Mixtape, dropping soon!


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El Dollar feat. BullyZone – “Drive By” | @BigBobPattison @ElDollarMusic @BullyZoneOtt

“Drive By” isn’t your typical BigBob produced track. This track is different. Why? Because this track exclusively showcases Canadian hip hop artists, El Dollar and BullyZone respectively both from the nations capital, Ottawa. This track demonstrates producer BigBob ‘s innovative form and function is capable of head grooving, arms in the air and hips rocking. El Dollar’s provocative lyrics declare a prominent presence celebrating life’s excesses and successes.   

To push the song a bit further, BullyZone accelerates hard, displaying poetic and cunning lyrics to clarify their corresponding roles in the game. This Canadian representation to the hip hop landscape proves to be the new classic track for the late night drive on the busy streets or the lonely interstate highway cruise. 

@BigBobPattison | @ElDollarMusic | @BullyZoneOtt

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Ran Reed – “Doo Doo” Remix | @RANREED

A true ’86 witness, the New Jersey-based Ran Reed first pursued his affinity for Hip-Hop at the age of 12, at the onset of Hip-Hop’s Golden Age. It was during this time when he realized a natural talent that drew everyone in listening range to pay attention, and where his mission to claim respect would begin. First known as “Dkwon TheYoung Pro,” an acronym for Determined Kid Who Overcame Negativity, Ran connected with another local emcee, Cool D and formed The Young M.C.’s. The duo received local acclaim after having their song, “You Might As Well Forget It” aired on the revered Hank Love and Half Pint Show. The Young M.C.’s would soon disband in pursuit of Ran’s ambitions as a solo artist, where he would sharpen his skills by recording straight to tape over looped up instrumentals, and performing at local house parties. 

Shortly after, Ran adopted the moniker ‘Hitman,’ and through a mutual contact would meet legendary producer, Nick Wiz. The two would go on to further their skills as a team, creating a catalog of music together. During this time, Wiz was also opening his basement studio to world renown legends like, Rakim, Chubb Rock, D.M.X., and Chino XL, as well as the burgeoning Cella Dwellas and Shabaam Sahdeeq, among others. But it was the newly forged duo that would soon garner the attention of young artist and designer, Marc Ecko, as well as Lyricist Lounge founders Anthony Marshall and Danny Castro, who as a collective would choose their song “Rock On” to be featured on a forthcoming edition of Ecko’s Underground Airplay compilation. The track made a strong impact throughout the underground scene, creating a demand to hear more music from the up and coming spitter, still known at the time as Hitman. However, the world would not get familiar with Ran Reed until years later. 

The underground revolution that Nick was capturing in his basement studio would land on the radar of James Ellison, a Hip-Hop enthusiast that would help propel their movement with the launch of The Cellar Sounds’ No Sleep compilation series. Dropping the “Hitman” moniker, the release of the first volume would find a heavy presence from the artist hereby knowns as Ran Reed, who stood out amongst a slew of guest appearances. Reed’s devotion to his craft would now pay off, leading up to the 2012 release of his debut solo project, Respect the Architect, which would solidify Reed as one of the more premiere artists to bubble out of Jersey’s underground. It was during this time where his ambition compelled him to try his hand at producing. Under the tutelage of Wiz, Ran would soon develop his own production style and began making beats for himself, and others, who sought after his undeniable production style. Fast forward to present day, and Ran is ready to lead the charge with skills equally polished as both an emcee and producer.

Ran released his first fully curated LP, Still Commanding Respect, early 2017 and has recruited an all star line-up of guest features that include M.O.P., Bumpy Knuckles, Kool G. Rap and Sadat X among several others. He brings to you a remix to one of the singles from the project which is available for download now on Soundcloud.


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Hazel Lux – “Cold Winta” | @hazelux416

Just recently, rapper and model Hazel Lux made a response track to Uncle Murda’s “Thot Song” called “Man Whore”, which gave me life and killed me dead at the same time.

This time, Hazel releases the first single off her upcoming Borderline Famous project, the Skywalker Dutch-produced “Cold Winta”.

Borderline Famous drops January 2018.


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Reap Youngin feat. Izo – “Real N****” | @SameOldYoungin

Focusing on completing his VII Summers project for the better part of 2017 RL Music Company recording, Reap Youngin is confident in his assertion that the project will close out Hip Hop’s 2017 calendar year with a major impact. Lauded for his talent and lyrical ability, Reap Youngin has used the 12 months of this year as a spiritual journey in maturation process. From a young man, to a wiser one Reap Youngin has marked marriage and the birth of his daughter as bench marks in his growth. From investing in his packaging, to working with producers directly and incorporating slightly more of today’s sound he stands before you a complete artist ready to stake his claim.   

In his own words, he describes the process asking that you look into the eyes of a “Real N—-“ who has done the self inventory necessary to emerge empowered and worthy of your respect as a man, and an artist.  


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Boots feat. Dolo Godbody – “I’m So Into You” | @BootsNeoKeys

Robert “Boots” Pickard, a Youngstown, Ohio bred musician and engineer, showed a natural proclivity for all things musical at an early age. As a teenager, he became adept in vocal performance and playing the piano. 

Building on his natural inclination for piano performance, Boots trained under the legendary music teacher Everett McCullough. Through Mr. McCullough’s rigorous teaching, Boots developed a keen ear for sound and musical perfection.

Upon completion of his professional training as a sound engineer from Youngstown State University, he started Cosmikmusic Studio. Boots recorded many local and regional artists in his studio. Soon, his talent and unique ability to record and mix caught the attention of funk legends Zapp.

His skill as a recording engineer boasted meteoric rise in his region and since he has worked with the likes of Zapp, Pieces of A Dream, Najee, Nick Corleone, Grammy-nominated musician Gerald Albright and a plethora of up and coming artists. In 2014, with legendary pianist and keyboard player James Lloyd, he co-wrote “Steppers D Lite” for Pieces of A Dream, which scored him his first Billboard #1 in the smooth jazz category.

Now as a founding member of The Clergy, he has taken his eclectic jazz background and infused it in the world of Hip-hop, Neo-Soul and R&B. Boots recorded mixed and mastered Meta.44’s mixtape Homage, which included Clergy founding members Dolo Godbody and Rob Sessionz. Now as an artist, Boots’ leading single, “I’m So Into You” featuring Dolo Godbody, is a total package of lyricism, vocals and storytelling. A Hip-hop/Neo-soul groove that will show why Boots will become a fan favorite.


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JopauL – “We Hustle” | @iamJopauL

From Billboard Magazine, to The Source, to multiple charting records on the digital music charts, to now receiving his blue check mark verification badge, JopauL is the definition of an independent music artist on his hustle and grind 24/7. “It’s been such an uphill battle in 2017 coming off of two major surgeries that I’m truly grateful for the fans that have stuck with me,” JopauL mentions when asked what his biggest challenges were over the past year.

Without management, a major record deal or even a Billboard charting single, JopauL has managed to win over the hearts of his fans with his creative lyrical deliveries and his innovative approach to his music video creation. “You can’t just be making the same old stupid music video without any substance anymore,” JopauL explained when asked what differs him from the rest of the bunch.

In conjunction with accomplished video director Mo Stafford, JopauL’s entertainment value alone with his visual productions which are very well thought out & executed, keep the viewer engaged from start to finish. His latest video to his new song prod by SteamWorldwide. “We Hustle” is an energetic fast paced hip hop and dance fused masterpiece that even displays his comedic personality and I expect this song and video to do extremely well.

The song is now available on all music platforms distributed by Empire Distribution and RadioPushersTV.
Check out his latest video and subscribe to his channel and follow him on his social networks.


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TRPL BLK – BLK DST | @trpl_blk

Detroit’s Vincent Huff, (pka TRPL BLK) has been featured in major publications such as Complex, Spin, Purple Fashion & Fact Magazine. He holds the title as the very first artist to feature a music video on the Museum of Sex blog for his release, “Big Dick Niggas Eat Pussy Too”.

TRPL BLK credits the underground techno scene of his hometown as part of his inspiration, fathering many of the pioneers of techno such as Kevin Saunderson & Juan Atkins and he plans to bring the sound that once influenced the world back with his new project, BLK DST, a collaboration with New York beatmaker Dusty Fingerz.

BLK DST is a project not made for virgin ears. With such tracks on the project like “Lick It” and “Pussy Magic”, it will definitely make the devil blush and Wesley Pipes proud. After all, he is not known as “The Nastiest Artist in the Industry” for nothing!

The project features appearances from Prada Leary, Quanna, Nolan the Ninja and much more. If you love that real pimp shit, this is just for you! You can check out the project, out now in Spotify, below.


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