Megadon – “Cacoon” | @DonaldRCole

Megadoom is what happens when Megadon raps on classic MF Doom beats.

Rapper and videographer Megadon releases Part 1 of 2 visuals for two of the tracks from the Megadoom mixtape.

Directed by Megadon, “Cacoon” depicts Megadoom as the Transformers’ Decepticon leader, Megatron in an epic stop motion battle versus the Autobots and their leader, Optimus Prime.

Download the Megadoom mixtape, available now on Bandcamp.


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Rapper Bates Re-releases Her Hit Album ‘For Colored Folk’ For Free | @Bates_STL

Just months after wowing listeners with her 2017 album Strange Woman, Bates reminds everyone of the roots that grounds her with the re-release of her critically acclaimed project, For Colored Folk.

Hailed by the Riverfront Times Newspaper as “a navigation through spiritual, social and political minefields— a crossroads of intersectional issues that she attacks head-on while aiming straight for the gut,” with “a brash vibe that respects the time and intelligence of her peers and fans alike”, For Colored Folk is a concept album like none other; resonating with anyone exhausted of the racial, social and political injustices plaguing the country.

Just as impactful today as it was 1 year ago, Bates’ For Colored Folk album is a mantra for the human condition of continuously triumphing through persecution.


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Minister EnQi Tackles The Issue of Black Health With His Detox Program | @MinisterEnqi

Hip hop and health has always been an issue that has seldom been spoken about, but the loss of some of our beloved icons due to poor health has brought the issue to the forefront.

In comes Minister Enqi, who is fixated on health and wellness, especially for people of color, since we suffer from the most common illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and more.

Enqi is an author who has written over 20 books and found ways to reverse critical diseases, including cancer. He has given over 1000 lectures from coast to coast and is the founder of the 40 Day Fruit Fast, which has helped over 100,000 people in the past 5 years. His YouTube channel has over 2 million views and has students of his reversing the same diseases that can cripple us healthwise.

“My mission is to end metabolic illness,” Enqi explains. “‘Haplotosis syndrome’ is a term I coined to cover the wide ranging symptoms of living in an unnatural environment with a lifestyle that does not support one’s biochemistry.”

The 40 Day Fruit Fast is a detox program using natural ingredients that not only helps reverse diseases, but helps revitalize hair follicles, nails, women’s & men’s systems and more.

His main focus is on the detox product which you an find more about on, and his yet to be titled book, which will be coming soon. He hopes to continue the path that the late Dr. Sebi has created.


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ByrdB – Countertop | @iambyrdb

STL’s ByrdB releases his brand new mixtape, Countertop, which features production from St. Louis beat maker Sherlocmagico, Arizona producer Vigilancebeatz, Platinum producers ChoppaSquadDJ & Felony Muzik and many more.

The 9-track mixtape includes such singles as his known single, “Control”, “ATM” and the trap love track “Jack ’n’ Jill”. The extended Countertop mixtape features more heat: a collective of 17 tracks that you can grab from Live Mixtapes.

Countertop is available to stream now on Spotify.


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Innocent? – “Grateful” | @INNOCENTFLOW13

THEM Recordings’ Innocent? releases a charitable track specifically for the disaster victims entitled “Grateful”.

Producer Stan Da Man and Innocent? have decided to donate all the proceeds from the sale of their new track to the victims in Texas, Puerto Rico & Mexico. Recent hurricanes and earthquakes have dramatically affected these areas. They just want to do their share of giving back to help the cause. The song costs only $1, but if you decide to donate more it would be greatly appreciated. They have a lot to be grateful for and they’re sure you do too. 

You can download the track, available now on both bandcamp and HearNow.


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Tragic Hero – “Wish You Could” | @IAmTragicHero

From the desk of New Jersey native Tragic Hero:
“When life brings you to your knees we turn to those we trust for love and support. Unfortunately, at times it’s the closest ones that cause the most pain.

This past year has been just that. I had to move out of my home and end a 10 year relationship. This led to me to moving from place to place without any certainty of the future. I had to accept the fact that sometimes the people you love the most, can be the ones that also hurt you the most. This experience has helped me realize that cutting off certain toxic relationships are an essential key to a peace of mind and personal growth.”


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Yog Westwood feat. J. Hooks – “Life” | @yogwestwood

Mr. Calizona, Yog Westwood is back with the visual to his new track called, “Life”, a track which he personally calls his most anticipated song to date.

“Life,” produced by Los Angeles beatmaker Vegas Santuchie, tells heartfelt tales of street violence and troubled youth, helping you take off the rose-colored glasses and see the everyday woes that society sets upon every individual.

The gritty West Coast track uses the popular K-ci and JoJo hook with vocals from J. Hooks and is out now on all digital music sites.


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Prince Po ft. Pawz1 – “The Raw Essence” | @BigBobPattison @dcypha @PAWZ1 @Princepo

Hip Hop artist, Pawz1, fundamentally lays the groundwork and shows his role with the new track, “The Raw Essence.”

Going back to the root of hip hop and not getting caught in the “trap”, Pawz1 approaches with the profound broadcast that the underground is the gateway to true hip hop culture. Poetically teaming up with Organized Konfusion’s Prince Po, the tracks witty lyrical flows merge with heavy sampling from ambitious music producer BigBob and gut-wrenching cuts from DJ Dcypha.

“The Raw Essence” vibrates with a vintage resonance that harmonically captures the golden era of true hip-hop and makes it a worthy listen for devoted hip-hop enthusiasts.

Hear “The Raw Essence,” out now on audiomack.

@BigBobPattison | @dcypha | @PAWZ1 | @Princepo

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