K. Carter Nabs Skyzoo For “Lost Kids” | @TheSonOfHipHop

Influenced by the poet Ali Langston, K. Carter felt he was destined to use the power of words and music to connect with people to share his experiences. A self-described “nerd,” the blossoming Dayton, Ohio rapper kicked off his signature “NerdBoy Extraordinaire” movement — known by the hashtag #NBX — to encourage everyone, everywhere, to pursue their own happiness.

His new video, “Lost Kids,” features a cameo from New York City rhyme slinger Skyzoo and finds both MCs diving into the minds of kids who are going through difficult situations.


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Dez’o Brings In A “Dope Boy Summer” | @dezobbm

Queens rapper Dez’o returns with his new single made especially for the season called “Dope Boy Summer”. Produced by Melmuzik, this serves as a follow up to his “fukizyoudoing” single from the beginning of the year.

Dez’o still never lost his love for music as he continued to perfect his craft writing with his cousin and listening, learning, and being inspired by great artists such as Snoop Dogg, Scarface, Devin the Dude, Outkast, Jay-Z, Notorious BIG, and Tupac. His words became lyrical masterpieces seen through the hearts of those willing to feel his smooth lyrical sounds, verses, and R&B hooks.

Dez’o is working with General D.V., President of new and upcoming record label Govarmynt Officials Ent.


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Mack Money – “No Looking Back” | @mackmulla

It all started in the streets of New York…

A young man whose dad passed away at such an early age, he was forced to be raised in single family home. Despite his hectic environment, it just influenced him to make a change with his life. That’s when the love of music came along. Mack Money entrepreneurs used music as a way to express his self and free his mind. For about 13 years of creating, producing and mixing music independently, Mack Money have created a name for his self called “M.O.E.” (Money Over Everything).

Continuing to rise and come out with hits such as “Tony Da Tiger” and “Independent”. The people started describing Mack Money music as unique, extraordinary and pure raw talent. Getting such good feedback just encouraged him to go even further with music. Coming out with his very own mixtape called New York Native hosted by: DJ Lazy K.

Fans had become more familiar and supportive of M.O.E, from performing for Young M.A, Uncle Murda, Dave East. Mack Money knew this was just the beginning of his career.

Here he releases his new visuals for his new single, “No Looking Back”, directed by Timmy Price Films.


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Halo the Human Retaliates on Miley Cyrus’ Diss of Hip Hop | @HaloTheHuman

Posing as somebody’s homegirl who’s trying way too hard; Miley sported gold grills, rode plastic cocks, gyrated on rappers and used her black dancers as props she called her homies….

Suddenly Miley’s enlightened and conveniently wants her good little white girl membership reinstated. Halo the Human’s new “Don’t Miss” video basically gives Cyrus the finger and makes it clear that Hip Hop was ok without you and will be just fine without you. Featuring Rich the Kid, the visual directed by Otis Reed for Monarch Tort Records uses creative expression to depict how the former Hannah Montana came and used and abused Hip Hop to make herself relevant and basically ‘ran through’ the culture.

The video’s concept aggressively plays on this, using the fake trap queen as the main prop. Take that, take that.


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JoPaul feat. Kayd3nce – “Wanna Get Drunk” | @iamJoPauL @dvaliaskhryst

JoPauL returns again with vocalist Kayd3nce with his new, intoxicating party single, “Wanna Get Drunk”, produced by Young Prophete. The single has been rotation on New York’s Hot 97 by the World Famous DJ Drewski. 

In Mo Stafford’s comically directed visual, looks like some liquored-up shenanigans happened before and after the party started. Look out for guest appearances by YNVS artist Conan and the one and only Shampoo, himself.

Prepare to be inebriated.


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Innocent? Gets “Cold Blooded” | @INNOCENTFLOW13

As we near the release date of Innocent?’s long awaited EP, The Reign 3, Inno prepares for the slaughter and drops another banger for the streets, “Cold Blooded”. Being the lyrical storyteller that Inno is, he spits the hardcore truth on the game of life and the industry over producer Eye Dee’s eerily haunting beat.

“Cold Blooded” is available to stream now on Soundcloud.

The Reign 3 will be on Inno’s THEM Recordings label and will be available to purchase at the end of June!


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40 – “New Religion” | @iam40xl @dvaliaskhryst

40, formerly known as 40. Cal Hammerz, is a native New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn, spent most of his childhood in East New York and South Side Jamaica, Queens. Inspired by artists such as Wu-Tang and Ma Barker (his sister, formerly known as Shaqueen). 40 launched his career in the music industry with the debut of his first DJ mixtape at the age of 16. Within three years, he was recording with legendary rapper, Kool G Rap. He partnered with G Rap to form the group, 5 Family Click, which included his sister, Ma Barker and his cousin, Glory Warz. The union later led to the release of their album Click of Respect, solidifying 40’s career as a professional artist.

“A wise man can learn more from a dumb question than from a dumb man giving him the right answer.” ~40

Inspired and influenced by artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Tupac and Kool G Rap, 40 incorporates the same dedication that they have to their craft, diversity and the messages they relay through their lyrics to their audiences. Rick Ross stated, “Your music is hard, you’re like a young (Kool) G Rap” referring to 40’s work. His plan is to master his craft and give his audience a full spectrum of not only who he is, but what he stands for. 40 states, “I want people to know that rap is something I do, but Hip Hop is what I live and my music paints the picture of who I really am” in relating to his audience on an intimate level.

“You remind me of Big Pun.” – Lenny S., A&R, Def Jam Records

40 is currently working on an EP entitled The Blacklist: Vol.1 – Back 2 the Music. It will show more creativity, incorporating both classic and futuristic sounds while bridging the gap between the most artistic thoughts – creating the most musically defined picture. Kool G Rap claims “You’re a lyrical assassin.” Armed with motivation and determination, 40 has the confidence, tools and talent to take the music industry by storm.

40 is back….and has a new track out called “New Religion”. Check it out on Spotify.


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Deascent – “.Human” | @Deascent

South Bronx lyricist Deascent’s music is a balanced blend of traditional Hip Hop but with a new school approach. Everything that is prepared over a beat is genuine and heartfelt. There’s an obvious passion for both the culture and the craft when you take a listen to this Bronx Bomber on the rise. 

He released his 1st solo single since the forming of The Cold Press back in February called “Compare/Contrast”. Deascent plans to release a solo project in the near future, but in the meantime, check out his latest single he released, a Hip Hop spin on vocalist Rag’n’Bone Man’s Alternative smash “Human”.  


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Mazon – “Banger” | @mazon717

Harrisburg native Mazon has been writing and producing his own music since he was a pre-teen. “The way that I found him was crazy,” says Skyyhook of The Wake Up Show on Shade45. “I was talking to a friend and they put the phone down to go check on something and this guy was playing in the background. I was like, what the….who is this?”

Mazon releases the Kayso The Director visual for the TR!Z-produced single, “Banger”, which includes additional instrumentation from lyricist. The single is appearing on his upcoming self-titled album, which is slated for release June 16th via his own imprint.

This will be the 8th project in his catalog since releasing his first mixtape at 17 years old. “I didn’t know what I was doing at first,” admits the rapper. “I just knew I was good and I loved making beats and writing raps. My style is totally different now. I actually grew up and experienced some things so I’m able to honestly talk about them in my music. These aren’t just raps anymore.”


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