DJ E-Clyps feat. Freshko Def – “Two Minutes Away” | @djeclyps @freshko_def

DJ E-Clyps is a producer who has not only built a name for himself in the dance scene on a global scale, but a strong reputation for collaborations with unique and undiscovered artists, in which this tune continues to add to that winning formula. With “Two Minutes Away”, he teams up with rising artist Freshko Def, a singer/songwriter/lyricist born by way of Libreville, Gabon in Central Africa, now based in Atlanta, who rocks with R&B, hip hop and trap soul.

This fire track has all the makings of a summer song that will get the hips moving. Bouncy, heavily swung afro-soul drums over silky chords and synths lay the groundwork for Freshko’s vocals with catchy chants to make this a serious sun drenched tune for the dancefloor.

“Two Minutes Away” is now available on these digital music sites. Check out the mini-video on YouTube.

@djeclyps | @freshko_def

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Hontiss – Unleashed EP | @HONTiss

Hontiss is a rising Brooklyn rap artist as well as a author, songwriter and entrepreneur. Being of Brazilian and Indian decent, it was her early childhood resemblance to the Indian princess Pocahontas that coined her the moniker “Hontiss”. Hontiss emerged into the rap game the summer of 2010, with the release of her song “Love of My Life” featuring Reggae superstar Gyptian. Since then, her resume of hit songs and collaborations have gained her well deserved fame.

Hontiss’ love of music stemmed from her parents, who were avid fans of Soul/R&B music, and also from her family who created a successful group band. Having this early exposure to different genres of music shaped Hontiss’ desire to pursue music and put her own testimony into words. Life was not easy for Hontiss and her struggle is something she puts into her music to allow her listeners to feel the real her.

Growing up Hontiss was not the typical kid, her experiences led her to take interest in things kids her age should not have any knowledge of. Dolls and games did not excite Hontiss, she was drawn to guns, fast money, and life in the streets, her differences became her platform to write books and songs to cope with her environment.

Hontiss is on a rising slope to fame, using her rockstar personality as fuel and her uncensored words to lead the way. Today, Hontiss has hosted parties with celebrities such as T.I., PNB Rock, Cardi B, and JadaKiss to name a few. She has also collaborated with 50 Cent and all the G-Unit members. Her recent appearance on Phresher’s official remix “Wait A Minute” Vevo music video, featuring Remy Ma and Young Ma, has boosted her momentum to fame.

The drive and passion that Hontiss hones is what makes her stand out from the crowd, and with that the possibilities are endless, Hontiss holds the future of rap, there is no limits when discussing her career and talents. Hontiss is here to stay, so move closer and pay attention because she has a story to tell and by all means it will be heard.

She releases her 5 track EP, untitled Unleashed with featured appearances from Rich Starz & LouGotCash. The EP is out now on Spotify & Apple Music. Check out her new video, “Fake Love” (with Rich Starz) on YouTube.


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#justiceforjunior: Conan Releases A Freestyle In Honor of Junior | @conan42fly

In part of the #JusticeForJunior movement, YNVS’ Energy God and Bronx native Conan releases a freestyle in honor of the slain teen.

On June 20th, 15-year-old Lisandro Guzman Feliz (aka Junior) was dragged out of the Cruz and Chiky Grocery and brutally murdered by 5 gang members in a bodega at 183rd Street near Bathgate Avenue in the Bronx. Junior had promises of making it into the NYPD before his young life was cut short by a case of revenge gone wrong due to mistaken identity. So far, 10 suspects are in custody and the police are now in search for the 11th suspect.

Every day, friends, family, celebs and the community come to the place where he was slain to pay their respects, praying for justice and hoping that his family gets the closure that they so need.

Check your local news listing for more on this story as it follows.


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The Doughboy Project feat. Melissa & JopauL – “Body” | @jerseydoughboy @melissaj_music @iamJopauL

Young, driven, and musically gifted, Jersey’s DJ Doughboy continues to deejay for various venues throughout the tri-state area. His exquisite writing skills and street savvy melodic beats caught the eye of Hip Hop and R&B’s legendary and upcoming artists.

Doughboy wrote and producing tracks for artists such as Queen Latifah, 3LW, and Joe Budden. With production credits under his belt, his popularity shot through the roof. He was the official road deejay for Joe Budden and went on to perform all over world showcasing his skills all over the world.
Establishing himself as a producer and industry DJ, Doughboy was televised on major television networks such as: BET, MTV and Showtime. His notoriety and unique musical talents patent him appealing and a trendsetter in the entertainment industry.

Without a doubt, Doughboy’s growing list of musical accomplishments and unique swagger on the turntables speaks highly of his future, he sums it up in legendary fashion, “I want to create a legacy; to mark a period of time through music. To pay tribute to my musical forefathers while discovering new musical territory. I want to bridge all genres of music together. The urban market is very intolerant when it comes to other forms of music. I want to make it cool to appreciate music in all of its forms, from all of its places.”

Doughboy releases his new single, “Body”, which gives off an early 2010 R&B vibe. He brings rapper JopauL and songstress Melissa along for the ride as he gives one of the sexiest club bangers for the Summer!

@jerseydoughboy | @melissaj_music | @iamJopauL

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Tyshon – “Success” | @only1tyshon

“You have to believe one must let their inner monster out to put oneself in the mind-state.” – Tyshon

When you think of SUCCESS you think of obtaining new desires and achieving goals set to accomplish anything you put your mind to. You think of doing the impossible and making it possible. The fire that fuels one soul to obtain it all, whether it be wealth, perfect health, getting a new car of just the simple things in life that bring us joy; it can be defined in many ways.

Tyshon (TY ThaGod) believes SUCCESS is the only thing people strive for and the only thing we crave when we wake up. It is only thing worth obtaining to make us happy, which makes this record a positive inspiration for everyone to enjoy. In his words “Gunning for it all, Aiming for it all, win lose or draw, I’ma get it all, watch me bet it off, then win it all” Tyshon knows making sacrifices is a must to be successful.


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AUNZ – “Super Saiyan God Flows”” | @AUNZC1

“You can’t win at life if there’s no L’s in it. No, I can’t be in your sessions if no L’s in it.” – AUNZ

DMV Hip Hop/R&B artist, AUNZ, has been driven by the loss of his grandmother – due to cancer – when he was just 21 years old. The now, 29 year old, has committed himself to his music, and has remained consistent for the past couple of years. Industry professionals have praised AUNZ for his refined sound that is both captivating and inspirational.

With more fuel for the fire, AUNZ continues his inevitable rise with a slew of new music this Summer. To kick things off, AUNZ connects with Eardrummer producer, 30 Roc, on “Super Saiyan: GOD FLOWS.” The single serves as the first off his upcoming EP. The song’s title is fitting as AUNZ delivers bold lyrics, blow after blow over 30’s thumping production.

“Super Saiyan God Flows” out now on Soundcloud, Spotify & Apple Music.


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TB WhoBetta – “Breakfast” | @LLTBWhoBetta

With over 100 YouTube videos and over 1 million streams on the infamous 2009 hit single “I Eat The Pu**y, TB WhoBetta grew up in a place that is considered the mecca of Hip Hop. The Bronx native found his footing at age 14 in the rap scene. At 17, he decided to take it full force and dedicate the time & effort to take it seriously.

Fast forward to today: This unsigned independent, artist/songwriter has over 100K+ hard copy units sold in the streets and has made his mark on underground rap game, organizing and directing all his visuals for videos and lifestyle.

TB performed on multiple international stages from France, Switzerland and back, even gracing the mega stage of SXSW in Austin, Texas in 2016 and shutting down smaller stages in New York, California & Atlanta just to name a few. His brand only continues to expand with his clothing line which caters to the latest trends with products like hoodies, t-shirts, fitted caps, & dad caps, for men and women, who also adorn his WhoBetta trademark. TB is well known for is unique style and sound in his music. He is well known and respected because of his hustle, dedication and ambition.

TB gives us his visuals to the HitMakerDot-produced single, “Breakfast”.

Don’t be surprised if the next place you go you hear his well known slogan “WhoBetta Huhhh?!” from either him or one of his many supporters.


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Lord Have Mercy – “F*ck You” | @LANDLORDPAYME

In the book of rapper , producer and former Flipmode Squad member Lord Have Mercy, you see words like explosive, timeless, & powerful just to name a few. His name alone cast a very long shadow in the world of hip hop.

Proving himself as a dominant force amongst names like Method Man, M.O.P, Redman, Busta Rhymes, he is proven.

The book will read of this new chapter starting with his new single “F*CK YOU” which holds a political edge.

In the wake of all the madness this country now faces, LHM’s “F*CK YOU” is dealing with the horrendous Caligula romp known as Donald Trump’s antics & Hillary Clinton ‘s hidden history. This is where the fuse is lit, leading to his explosive return.


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PineappleCITI – “Issues” | @PineappleCITI

With a rep for top notch bars under its belt and a hub for legendary creatives with lengthy careers, New Jersey serves any MC following in its footsteps with big shoes to fill. Thankfully, with her new video “Issues”, the Newark phenomenon known as Pineapple CITI is proving to be up for the task.

Bouncing effortlessly between modern flows to make the trap bounce and the kind of classic cleverness that the lyric-lovers get hype over, CITI gives both sides the full package. With the prestigious Billboard Magazine showing love with a premiere and the world renowned Clinton Sparks co-signing as well, it looks like her competition will be dealing with “Issues” for quite some time.


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Manolo Rose – “I Get Money” | @Manolo_Rose

Following last year’s “Pink Fur” single, Bed-Stuy’s own Manolo Rose comes back hard with his new release just in time for the summer, “I Get Money.”

The song itself, has a catchy ass hook that you can lean back to (or blast in the drop top) and it also samples the classic O’ Jays’ “For The Love Of Money”, which suits well with Manolo and director Nimi Hendrix’s vision to pay homage to some of New York City’s hustler themed films such as New Jack City (which also sampled the O’Jays classic for the movie), Paid In Full, and more.


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